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Project Management

These days, office furniture isn’t typically a simple wood desk or table lamp – each component of a workspace must work in concert with other pieces in the office. A cubicle is fully wired and has ports and electrical wiring running through it that makes it not just the anchor of the space but also the conduit for the lighting, computer cabling, and other equipment needs. Purchasing office furniture comes with a complex set of decisions about the way furniture must meet business needs, how it works with the environment, and how it placed in the room. That’s why the installation process needs to be closely managed.

Commercial Moving Service provides project management for your new space, whether you are moving, expanding, or starting up. We also provide installation services when requested.

As project managers, we coordinate with other vendors to keep your project on time and on budget. Making any service provider wait – electrical, cabling, contractors, installers — increases costs and delays completion. Your personal project manager will coordinate each of the vendors’ schedules involved in your installation. Our project managers assemble the right size team, and each member is experienced and sensitive to the clients’ needs.

From the start, the project manager handles all estimates, coordination, and communication throughout the entire cycle and collaborating smoothly with other vendors.

Our processes ensure a smooth transition into your new offices – from planning to design to installation, no detail is overlooked.

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Installation Management

Workplace strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to ensure peak performance and reduce costs. Commercial Moving Services understands this and as experienced professionals ensure that this is the end result of every project we complete.

The trend in business offices today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and more area dedicated to foster interactivity among users. These new dynamic spaces must be optimized for all types of collaboration, ranging from large, formal meetings to chance interactions as two people pass in the corridor but need a quick, semi-private chat. Your successful business will provide the right mix of spaces that support private and virtual interaction with locally and globally dispersed colleagues, partners and customers – whether you choose to provide a home base to workers who primarily in the office, make workspaces available on an as-needed basis, provide shared spaces, or use a combination of these approaches.

The workplace will continue to change as business needs drive new solutions. Commercial Moving Services will continue to be a leader in planning, designing, and installing flexible, efficient space.

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Used Office Furniture Sales

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