In need of having a workspace built, disassembled or a space reconfigured? Is your office space changing?

Office Furniture Installation

Commercial Moving Services offers fully trained installers and technicians in order to provide quality service second to none in the industry.

Our highly trained teams quickly and efficiently move, reconfigure and add to your furniture and design elements. We begin by inventorying your existing workspace and then will dismantle, move and re-install it — expertly blending the various parts of your old system with new, refurbished, or used furniture to meet your new workplace standards.

Commercial Moving Services provides move bins for short-term rental to facilitate changes to your workspace.  Fully trained in the installation and reconfiguration of most office systems, Commercial Moving Services will assess your needs and ensure the job is done correctly and as per manufacturer requirements.

Space Reconfiguration

Changing your office space doesn’t have to involve tearing down walls or doing major reconstruction – whether you are downsizing or growing. Commercial Moving Services has the expertise, experienced professionals available to reconfigure your office space to meet your needs exactly and the needs of your changing staff and departments.

Reconfiguration can be the perfect solution where you are resizing, expanding, reducing or simply in need of a more efficient layout

Reconfiguration of office systems and filing equipment can have a much-needed efficiency impact on the function of your space. Combined with our project management and installation services, we can coordinate and execute your reconfiguration from initial design to takedown, and from installation to trash removal. When our project is complete, you’ll have a beautiful, efficient space that’s clean and ready for move-in.

For more information about Commercial Moving Services’ space-reconfiguration services, feel free to contact us anytime.